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Cache option doesn't function when 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option selected

The new Cache tool does not function if the 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option is selected in the workflow runtime properties.  There is no indication of why the cache is not working and this may be confusing because many users won't associate the 'cache' as a normal output.  The interface should be changed to make this more clear or the cache function configured to ignore this workflow runtime option. 





Hello! I just confirmed this feature is available in 2020.2 under Workflow - Configurations > Runtime. It is the third checkbox from the bottom of the options.


I believe what is happening here is that there is a defect that the new AMP engine does not work with this functionality. It still works when AMP is turned off.

8 - Asteroid

This definitely looks to be the case....tested it out a few more times and replicated the error.