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Azure Data Lake V2 Connectors

I have recently added an Azure data lake v2.   The Azure input/output connectors do not work with this version of the Azure data lake.


It appears that Alteryx adds "" to the file path.   This works for V1, but not needed for V2


any plans to configure a connector for Azure data lake v2?




We are building data lake in Azure Gen 2 storage account.


But can't find any direct connectors from Alteryx to Azure storage gen 2 and Blob storage as well.


Currently Atleryx support Gen 1,but microsoft stop supporting soon.


It is business crtical for us.


When can we expect this feature in alteryx?



Any update on adding Azure data lake gen 2 connector?


Our team is moving from on prem to cloud storage for Business Intelligence data.  We need Gen 2 support for Azure to support our citizen data scientists/business analysts.


Any update on this feature or Blob storage connection?