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Error: “Unable to Load DLL 'SRCComposer_x64.dll': The specific module could not be found.”


Error: “Unable to Load DLL 'SRCComposer_x64.dll': The specific module could not be found.”


When clicking on a Render tool in Designer, it may cause Designer to crash. When this happens, the AlteryxGUI error logs found in "%ProgramData%\Alteryx\ErrorLogs\AlteryxGUI" shows the same error message:
Alteryx Designer x64 - [Version Number]
Type: System.DllNotFoundException
Message: Unable to load DLL 'SRCComposer_x64.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
Source: Composer.Net

Environment Details

The issue was observed when upgrading Alteryx Designer 2021.3 to 2021.4 or 2022.1. 
  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version(s) 2021.4 and 2022.1.
  • Predictive tools (Logistic Regression, etc.)
  • Browse tool
  • Render tool


The issue may be caused by the installer not being able to perform a thorough clean-up after upgrading Alteryx Designer.


Steps to resolve the issue:

1. Locate the "SRCComposer.dll" file, it should be found in at least one of the following directories:
  - "%Program Files%\Alteryx\bin"
  - “\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Alteryx\bin”
2. Where the file exists, create a copy of the "SRCComposer.dll file" and rename the copy to "SRCComposer_x64.dll" so both are in the same folder.

3. Rerun the workflow.