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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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8 - Asteroid

I actually support this a lot not just for the average Alteryx user but especially when taking into consideration the SparkED program and Alteryx's dedication to expansion within the education community. As a former educator I can speak firsthand to how important having the option for a dark mode within applications is becoming. The days of students spending the majority of their time with their heads in a book or notebook have really come to a close. From virtual texts to online simulations, completing homework and even taking tests, our educated youth find themselves using a laptop throughout their day almost nonstop to the point that many bring their own blue-light glasses to school. Eye-strain is a real concern and the number of those who suffer from migraines, nausea, and discomfort as a result is more than people realize. And though we often tout the adage of looking away for a few minutes once every 30 minutes, the reality is that this in and of itself can disrupt the flow of a young person's thoughts and easily lead to them losing focus, becoming distracted, or simply losing motivation. We almost always encouraged our students to use dark modes in addition to taking periodic breaks as a way to mitigate these issues and reduce exhaustion. So, while I 100% support this for those of us using this for our careers, I think it's very important to also recognize that its application carries exceptional weight especially for those young people who find themselves using it for classes, homework, etc. SparkED is an amazing initiative and I think anything we can do to improve the tools of the program themselves for the benefit of the learners as well as us is a MAJOR win!

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