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Customisable Background/UI color theme

Hi Team,


I would like to make some suggestions for future release. I am a big fan of the "retro" alteryx look and would like the option to select that look under User Settings. There should also be some other set themes for user to use. a "Light" version, "Dark" (for the true developer feel) and some grayscale standards or color blind adapted themes. 


I have a number of reservations to the new look design (I can put those in a separate post if the team really wants to hear them) but please put the 'retro' button in user settings for me and I will be a happy analyst.


Keep up the good work!!!

6 - Meteoroid

Agree, would love a Dark Theme...currently trying to manually sort one in the Advanced User Settings but something I could just tick that's set up would be great

8 - Asteroid

I too would love a dark mode type of setting...  I find it exceptionally difficult to look at a bright white screen all day.  And while I can alter the work flow space, it still leaves all the other areas on the screen a glaring bright color set

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Accepted

Research on Dark Mode implementation is underway! Please be patient - this will be a big one... but we definitely hear you, and we are very excited to be coming to the Dark Side! This is the only additional "mode" we are considering at this time, but after Dark Mode implementation, we'd love to hear any additional ideas for customization of Designer. Just as a note: You can fully customize your canvas colors currently using Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > Canvas! (I'm personally a big fan of a dark blue background these days 😎 )



Status changed to: Ongoing

Welcome to the Dark side... or at least a beta version of it! 😁


We have officially launched our Dark Mode beta as part of the 23.1 release! Because it is still in beta, that means only certain Designer interface components have been converted to Dark Mode. Additionally, you might see certain components (including many tool configurations) that are currently only partially converted to Dark Mode. We will continue to include additional elements for Dark Mode in future releases.


Stay tuned for more darkness on the way in the next few releases - and we'd love to hear your feedback!! 🖤