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Make Columns Tool

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Make Column Tool Icon.jpgCaveat: This is a Laboratory Tool and is not for production use. It may have documented known issues, may not be feature complete, and is subject to change.


The Make Columns Tool takes rows of data and arranges them by wrapping records into multiple columns. The user can specify how many columns to create and whether they want records to layout horizontally or vertically.




Number of Columns:


The number of columns will determine how many columns are created and how many records are wrapped into each column.


For instance, if you have 89 rows of data and you choose to arrange horizontal with number of columns set to 2, the Make Columns tool will return 1 new set of columns along with the original set and now has 45 rows of data.


Horizontal Number Column Before.jpg


Horizontal Number Column After.jpg


Arrange Horizontal:


Arrange Vertical:



Hi @DanM,


Do you have the workflows that made this post? I know there are a few users out there who use the Make Columns tool heavily for reporting purposes.