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Unique Tool - Option to Select Which Value to Keep Based on Formula/Other

Hello all,


Within the databases that I work in, I often find that there is duplicated data for some columns, and when using a unique tool, I have little control of what is deemed the unique record and which is deemed the duplicate.


A fantastic addition would be the ability to select which record you'd like to keep based on the type + a conditional. For example, if I had:


Field 1Field 2Field 3


I would want to keep the non-null field (or non-zero if I cleansed it). It'd be something like "Select record where [Field 1] is greatest and [Field 2] is not null" (which just sounds like a summarize tool + filter, but I think you can see the wider application of this)


I know that you can either change the sort order beforehand, use a summarize tool, or go Unique > Filter duplicates > Join > Select records -- but I want the ability to just have a conditional selection based on a variety of criteria as opposed to adding extra tools.


Anyways, that's just an idea! Thanks for considering its application!





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @richarty


This is a fairly common need and relatively easily solved:


The unique tool works in a deterministic way - it always keeps the first row it sees (in the order that they are sent) for each combination of keys specified.

So - if I have a person ID with person details which is versioned, I also have a version ID - then by sorting the incoming stream by personID ascending; and version ID descending -then I know that the first time the unique tool sees person ID X it will be the latest version.


Now - you may not have something as simple as version ID to sort on (which is an easy increasing number) but you can use a formula tool to create a sort column of any degree of complexity.


Happy to help with a mockup (just can't add mockups to idea postings) if you need a solution to a pressing problem - just drop your example with some sample input data into the Data Blending discussion board, and we can crack through this with you as a community.




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