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Securing your data on Alteryx

There might be a  data sensitivity concern due to a potential exposure to the admin groups if data is written into the Alteryx DB , especially  if the   database  used to run  Alteryx in your organization is maintained  by  a group of specialized DBAs in a different group.


To ensure data protection  in  a scenario like this  - Can you include an option  to check that a valid network path/ output system   is provided for the output files?

This would ensure the data is  exposed only to the business user groups that own the data.



13 - Pulsar

I second the idea on securing data sets,

but not sure the valid path option is the ideal solution...

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Agree with the idea - this goes hand-in-hand with the idea of being able to monitor when users are about to blow up our Mongo DB by dumping a massive amount of information into a temporary output file.


As we promote assets from Dev to production - it would be very valuable to have a policy on the prod server which says "do not allow output to the server", so that any prod assets where users want to define outputs either have to go to a defined and secured database; or to a defined path.    Writing sensitive transactional data to the Alteryx server, with no control over data size (user could dump 2TB into this database and blow up our prod env) is just not a good level of control for a 99.99% uptime env with sensitive regulators looking at control & lifecycle of data assets.

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