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Load in input data connection credentials via a field

Our company requires a password change every 3 months, which wreaks havoc bc i have to manually change each workflows input data connection configuration every time this happens to put in my latest credentials. Not the most efficient process for all the automated workflows I have on the gallery.


Instead, it would be great if alteryx could load in usernames and passwords via a field from the workflow. This way, I could just update the one excel file with two fields for username and password and every workflow referencing it with an input data connection would automatically pass on the new credentials every 3 months, not disturbing any of my autoscheduled workflows.



8 - Asteroid

Have you or your admin tried setting up Gallery Connections for these data sources? My organization uses these to manage access and passwords. When update a password for one of our databases all I have to do is update the Gallery Connection and it is pushed out to all of our organizations workflows using this connection.


Data Connections | Alteryx Help


Gallery Data Connections FAQ - Alteryx Community

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Alteryx Community Team
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