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Invert suggestions at formula write time - My Fields Should Be First, Not Last!

Hello Alteryx Devs - 


When I got to write some scripting in the formula tool, my data stream properties should be the first to be suggested once a user starts typing a letter, not the last. 


uppercase(Ad -> gives me:









I think we would need a dedicated R macro to ascertain the chances anyone in is going to need [ReadRegistryString] before they need a column of their own data that starts with [Ad...]


Easy fix.  Makes a big difference.  



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@jdrummey Thanks for the comment. When reviewing ideas requests I try to determine the problem behind the proposed solution. Based on the comments in this thread and discussing the issue with several people outside this thread, it seemed that the biggest problem was that when typing results didn't appear as expected and that results would shift to completely different results rather than narrowing as you typed. When I dug into the implementation of the autocomplete results, I saw that we were only looking at the last two characters typed, which is really frustrating if you are trying to narrow a large list. So to make an improvement to how autocomplete results are displaying, we changed the number of characters we looked at when determining which results to display. We will look back at all characters (and search) until we see a space. To keep the columns at the top of the search list, you can use [ , which will keep the columns at the top even if you type multiple characters in the column name. The [ wasn't helpful before, because as soon as you typed a third character we would drop the [ from our search. This meant you were constantly losing the columns at the top of the search. 

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Thanks, @RachelW!