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Designer: 4k/UHD scaling

Hi there,


Just got a new 4k UHD monitor, and found that Alteryx Designer doesn't scale well in default settings in Windows.    Fonts are blurry but icons are the right size.

If instead you change compatabilty mode to allow the application to force scaling, then the fonts and icons end up all different sizes.


Could you change the fonts and icons to scale gracefully in Windows 10 to full 4k UHD HDR - especially on the large size monitors (30 inch plus)?





Shot 1: default mode - blurry text - badly scaled by Windows 10.    It's not easy to see here because the image is small - but all the text is blurry like a badly blown up BMP file.




Shot 2: Override Windows 10 DPI scaling and set to "Application" mode

You can see in the picture below that text is now super-sharp but the the play button; save button are all tiny; the fonts are different sizes (look in the properties tab on the left) etc.



14 - Magnetar

Not that I will be using a 4K monitor anytime in the near future, but I'd also support having better resolution scaling for UHD!

I want to be able to see pretty workflows rendered in as many pixels as possible.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the request.  The development team has identified the work needed to make this appear better.  4k is something that we have gotten only sporadic requests for, but we have been slowly implementing fixes to the issues we see.  We have a few 4k monitors now across PM and development so that we can identify and resolve some of these.  The scaling or implementing DPI aware code will require us to go through all windows and panels and adjust everything to look correct in the different DPI environments.  We think this will be a significant effort.  We will likely take this on, it's just a matter of when it rises to the top as the most important thing.  


For anyone moving to 4k monitors or seeing specific issues, please keep starring and commenting on this post to help prioritize it higher.  



9 - Comet
I agree on this. Alteryx is the perfect "excuse" needed to get a 4k monitor because due to the visual nature of the workflow layout, it becomes much more efficient when you can see the whole flow at once vs. having to scroll awkwardly around.
5 - Atom

The issue is there. Hope it will come up in priority list soon.

5 - Atom

Interesting behavior - on my 4k 27" i put scaling to 200% (which effectively makes it like 1080p) and alteryx is now not blurred at all. So I guess it was designed with 1080p in mind.

5 - Atom

Has there been any updates on this in the past year? I'm working on some monster workflows for a data migration project and will be getting a 32" 4k monitor to be more efficient...is it even worth it at this point with some of the limitations called out above?

8 - Asteroid

Check your windows scaling settings - Alteryx can't cleanly handle anything other than multiples of 100%



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for your idea! Our product team has reviewed this idea and cannot place it on the road map at this time. However they would still like to keep it in mind for future road map decisions. We'll update the status of this idea once we are able to term where or if we can place it on the road map.

5 - Atom

Just move to 4k myself and on a laptop nonetheless. The UI is so scrambled I cannot even work anymore on the designer.

Top ribbon menu is very bad and I'm just showing on the left an example of what the select tool's configuration panel looks like. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Alteryx 4K Resolution Problem.PNG

12 - Quasar

Hello. One cool thing would be at least to move to svg (or other vectorial format) for every image, icon, etc instead of matricial png :

This was asked here :