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Global Variable


     I would like to see Global Variable being made available in Alteryx. I have seen the Global Constant being made available under Workflow "User" configuration. But this is constant and needs to be defined at Design time.

How about a Process Id that needs to be auto genearted and the same needs to be available across the formula tools used with in the workflow.

7 - Meteor

I too would be interested in Global Variables. There have been a number of times where their inclusion would have made my workflows more efficient.

7 - Meteor

Hi i am interested in global variables too.

Ist it at the moment possible to use this or something as a workaround?

5 - Atom

Variables similar to how SSIS does it would be extremely helpful. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thanks for the idea post and comments.  Currently, the way to handle this need is to create the value and append it to each record in the data so that it is available everywhere in the process.  The idea of a global variable that is modifiable at run time introduces timing issues for the processing.  Often, when updating a global variable value, this would be in a different line of processing than where you would use that variable, so we would need sequencing to make sure one part finishes before another.  We would also likely block on processing while we update the global variable to prevent random results.  Use of global variables may slow down the workflows in ways that don't make sense to the end user.


The development team has put a lot of thought into this one and right now we are not considering this.  The topic will periodically come up and if we fine a nicer way to include it we will explore those opportunities.  



7 - Meteor

Hi- Any updates on this thread. I need to generate surrogate keys/

7 - Meteor

I was able to generate surrogate keys using alteryx tool. I used the record set tool along with Multiple row formula tool to generate the same.

7 - Meteor

To some extend, I got to know the reason why there is no global variables. Thanks @BenG 

5 - Atom

Please, I have de same problem, I need a Global Variable, because I need to make my jobs in soon time!!!

8 - Asteroid

I want to define a work area path as a global constant to use as a prefix in multiple input and output processes.


A global variable and its definition in the first step would help me do this.


I want to be able to insert this constant in the render and input output tools to build full pathnames.