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Dynamic Rename - Fields Available Without Running the Workflow First

I love the dynamic rename tool because quite often my headers are in the first row of data in a text file (or sometimes, Excel!).


However, whenever I open a workflow, I have to run the workflow first in order to make the rest of the workflow aware of the field names that I've mapped in the dynamic rename tool, and to clear out missing fields from downstream tools. When a workflow takes a while to run, this is a cumbersome step.


Alteryx Designer should be aware of the field names downstream from the dynamic rename tool, and make them available in the workflow for use downstream as soon as they are added (or when the workflow is initially opened without having been run first).

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for your post! We are really interested in this idea, however we cannot fit this idea on the near future road map. We’ll keep this idea in mind however and update the status once we’re better able to speak on when and if we can implement it.