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Documentation of Workflows by Alteryx

I am aware that an Auto-Documenter tool is available in the Gallery, but that has not been maintained since 2020. 


It would be great if Alteryx could have that as an added feature to the Designer as an option for end-users to utilize. 


The breakdown of it can be done via XML parsing as such: 

<Nodes>: Configuration of tools

<Connections>: The tools used

<Properties>: Workflow properties


Right now, the current workaround is for users to export their XML, and the internal Alteryx development team has to build another workflow that reads the XML accordingly + parses it to fit what is needed. 


It would be better for Alteryx to build something more robust, and perhaps even include some elements of AiDIN which they are promoting now.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

For anyone keen, I've got a crowdsourcing workflow going on here:


Whilst we wait on Alteryx to respond to this, I think it'll be great for us to recognize the AI Summary tool they released, though it only tells what the tool is doing and not the whole bit. The config of each tool is important for audit purposes as well.

5 - Atom

I'm trying to use this tool (Run button in designer) with Designer versions  2023.1.1.247 Patch 2 (Non-Admin) and 2021.4.2.47844 (Non-Admin).

Unless there is a place in the code to tell it what code to document, it runs with one warning, and never prompts for the file to document.


Full disclosure, I am new to Alteryx, so may be missing a basic step.

Status changed to: Accepted
7 - Meteor

is there any update of alteryx's response?