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Dark Mode

Please add a toggle for Dark Mode as Alteryx, after all these years of using it, is burning out my retinas. 


The OS and most apps have a Dark Mode theme so flipping back to a bright white canvas is very jarring.  I tried to adjust the canvas colors in a more muted way but never can get it to work satisfactorily and still be as easy to read as the retina burning default.  


5 - Atom

Are there any Alteryx employees still looking at this item? Or do we need to create a new "Idea"
We've been asking for this for years, but it seems there is a slight disconnect between what the community and what is actually being implemented..

Alteryx is the only current tool I know and use, which doesn't have a Dark Mode... Maybe time to get that sorted?!


@Alt3ryxPrincess - we sure are!! This idea has actually recently been changed to Accepted status, as we're now looking into details on how to implement this highly requested feature... stay tuned for more info as we refine our plan!


Nicole Johnson

6 - Meteoroid


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora



17 - Castor
17 - Castor


12 - Quasar

@NicoleJ - I could cry I'm so happy.  This is the BEST NEWS!!!



7 - Meteor

@NicoleJ Nice! 😄

8 - Asteroid

I would very much appreciate this as a feature. We're now quickly approaching 2023 and given that this is a pretty standard feature in other products, I'm excited this is finally in the works.

5 - Atom

I too was surprised that this isn't already a feature given what we now know about the effects of prolonged blue light exposure; a simple feature that makes a huge quality of life impact, look forward to seeing it rolled out ASAP.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I really hope this comes soon! Literally the best quality of life feature to exist if made a reality.