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format painter

Dear Alteryx GUI Gang,


I'll create a container and then customize the colours, margins, transparency, border and then want consistency for other containers.  It would be nice to have a format painter function (brush) to apply the format of one container to another.  This of course could be extended to other tools like comments.  There might be a desire to apply this to more tools too, but the comments and containers would be my focus as they are almost always custom configured.





14 - Magnetar

Adding onto this, having a saved list of "templates" for comment and tool container colors/fonts (and shapes, text alignment, background images, etc) could be really helpful.  I don't think I use more than 10 distinct comment boxes/tool containers for 90% of what I do, but not having to constantly recreate these (or have a template yxmd file open to copy examples from) would be a huge benefit.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

At this time we are unable to include this idea in our near future roadmap due to competing priorities, but has been backlogged; as such we're updating the status to Not Planned. However, should this change or we become able to return to this idea in the future we'll be sure to post an update this.

8 - Asteroid

We have a template for all Alteryx workflows.

On the far left is all the comment boxes and tool containers with the formatting.

We simply copy and paste the relevant ones.