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Cross Tab in DB

It would be awesome if there was a cross tab in DB option because right now I have to stream out millions of records to build a cross tab.

5 - Atom

I'm in the same boat. It's also a pain to pivot my dataset in redshift.  It seems like the opposite transpose in-db has been in development some time.

8 - Asteroid

I am here to support the development of a Cross-Tab In-DB tool.  I did not know i needed it until now.  I am streaming millions of records and I need this functionality in the SQL Database.  Please someone obtain a status on this and the transpose In-DB tool.  Thanks.


8 - Asteroid

Also needed (for redshift in my case).

5 - Atom

Please create cross tab & transpose tools for inDB!

5 - Atom

Can we please have Cross Tab & Transpose Functionality built in for In DB!

6 - Meteoroid

This would be a big time saver for me! One more vote for Crosstab inDB.

5 - Atom

This would be great! One more vote for Crosstab inDB.

5 - Atom
I'll add my vote, too. I use crosstab way more than transpose.
5 - Atom

Add me to the list...this would be a huge timesaver


8 - Asteroid
Agreed, I would love to have that too, as a complement to the Transpose INDB tool. Would be great for Feature Engineering...