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Adding Example Links in Macro Descriptions

As seen in This Discussion Post,  the idea here is to be able to add a link to example workflows in macro descriptions - like the ones seen in native tools.


Filter ToolFilter Tool

Many thanks to @jdunkerley79 for demonstrating how this can be done by manually editing the macro's XML - specifically by adding a child element to the <MetaInfo> section, like so:


        <Description>Open Example</Description>
        <File>\\aSERVER\aRootDir\path\to\Alteryx\Macros\Date Wizard\Date Wizard Examples.yxmd</File>

One small caveat is that it doesn't support truly relative paths.  @PaulN explained in the discussion post that a relative reference here would search in the sample folders.


"Alteryx default behavior is to look for examples under .\Alteryx\Samples\02 One-Tool Examples or Alteryx\Samples\02 One-Tool Examples (or .\Alteryx\Samples\en\02 One-Tool Examples)."


Having said that, trying to reference a macro example in the same folder (using a relative reference) will throw an error given the following situation:


Package Structure:

Macro Package.png

Date Wizard.yxmc XML edits:


        <Description>Open Example</Description>
        <!-- THIS WORKS -->
        <File>\\aSERVER\aRootDir\path\to\Alteryx\Macros\Date Wizard\Date Wizard Examples.yxmd</File>
        <!-- THIS DOESNT
        <File>Date Wizard Examples.yxmd</File>
        <File>.\Date Wizard Examples.yxmd</File>
        <File>./Date Wizard Examples.yxmd</File>

This shows a link in the Macro description but yields an error (shown below) when it is clicked.


Example Link ShowsExample Link ShowsErrorError

 Once again, this works fine with an absolute file path reference.  


Here is ultimately what I am suggesting:  Can we add an option to the Interface Designer (that updates the XML) and have it allow relative paths?  Allowing relative paths would obviously be essentially to maintaining the macro's ability to be "lift-and-shift" when packaged/moved/uploaded to servers/galleries etc.


I'm assuming the option could look something like this, similar to the "Help" file -only it would show link in the macro description...

Interface Designer SuggestionInterface Designer Suggestion

In conclusion, this would be very useful in providing links to example workflows for custom macros that may be complex and/or not self-explanatory.




Taylor Cox

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Thank you for this awesome idea @Coxta45! This is something we're considering for a future release.


For those that have expressed interest for this idea, I'd appreciate any additional feedback you may have.


Is there any other functionality that you think would be useful on the tool card description (either for custom macros or native tools)?

For example, we're considering adding links in the tool description to online references that may be related, such as Tool Mastery articles.

8 - Asteroid

The example is probably the main issue for us. 



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

External links would be useful. There are occasions when we download external macros and the documentation is mainly on the website and not embedded in the download zip. It would be useful to use the method described to link the original source and support information. E.g. CREW macros linked back to and the specific blog post for the initial tool release.

7 - Meteor

Any update on this? Unbelieveable if its not supported. 

8 - Asteroid

Any updates on this ?