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AWS Athena Compute Support

While I strongly support the S3 upload and download connectors, the development of AWS Athena has changed the game for us. Please consider opening up an official support of Athena compute on S3 like support already show for Teradata, Hadoop Hive, MS SQL, and other database types.

8 - Asteroid



I am using the Athena ODBC as well currently, haven’t seen any real issues so far. The only small difficulty I have is that it takes a few mins to actually connect through ODBC everytime I open the input tool for modifying a query. And certain times a complex query is not supported in Alteryx but works fine when I run on Athena. I guess an In-DB connector can resolve these issues. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented
5 - Atom



is it possible to use Summaries IN DB tool when connecting to Athena S3

its not helping to bring all the data out of Athena to do a summary when its one of the first steps in the workflow.