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Connect format painter

We are moving our measure specifications that are in a PDF format to the Connect glossary.  We would like to keep the formatting that exists in the PDF when copying the spec.  However, the format doesn't always copy over.  It would be nice to have the 'Format Painter' option similar to what is in MS Word where you can copy the format from one line to another line.


7 - Meteor

Good idea! It would make bringing in text from different areas a lot more user friendly. 

5 - Atom

I agree, format painter would make life much easier and save a lot of time in reformatting. It will also provide glossary much needed esthetic appeal 

7 - Meteor

Much needed functionality. Please consider high priority

11 - Bolide

This would support much faster conversion

5 - Atom

The text editor in Alteryx is really lacking the maturity needed to support enterprise-level formatting.  We have hundreds of documents we need to load to the data catalog, but it is extremely difficult to get consistent formatting, fonts, indents, etc... We would prefer to be able to be able to cut-paste from Word, but are unable to do so however, even creating and editing original text can be a challenge.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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