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API Relationships/Lineage in Connect

We have some scheduled workflows that utilize the download tool for API calls. When we scrape them with connect there aren't any references to them in the "Relationships" or "Data Connections" areas.


Even if this is something that would be difficult for Alteryx to scrape through a workflow, I would love the ability to create entities like this and manually connect them as a data source. Like we have some partners where there 10 to 15 API calls are required to pull the entire data set. It would be great to know which workflows reference those APIs so that if changes are made on their side, we can easily identify which workflows are impacted.



Status changed to: Accepted


ability to manually create an API asset is on our roadmap and should be delivered in the 2019.2 release. 

As the next step we will investigate if we are able to also automatically create the lineage out of the workflow.



@VojtechT If I could give you a star I would.


I will mull over some things in my head as well for how you could make this work.