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Text Documents for Weekly Challeges

I love the Weekly Challenges.   Unfortunately, my corporate security has deemed them insecure.   I cannot any longer download the starter or the challenges.   Could we also have the starter in a word or text description so that we can recreate it on my side.   I can still download documents... I think!  

(Dogbert Principle of Security:   "Ideally, perfect security is only achieved when there is no possibility of achieving meaningful work .") 

Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hey there! We'll keep an eye on this idea to see if more people in the Community are also running in to this issue. When more people comment or star the idea, we can take it under review. 

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

@Nemesis - does your IT organization take issue with the file extension type or the fact these items hosted or have they not white-listed Community?