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Applying Changes made in Debug Mode to Workflow

I frequently make analytic apps for my clients that requires them to enter information or parameters to the workflow via a prompt before running. The user could be entering codes that will affect a certain filter or it could be a prompt to browse to the new source file required to run the workflow. In order to make adjustments to the workflow itself, I need to work in Debug mode so that I can see the data as it passes through each node in the workflow. Once I am done making all of the changes in debug mode and I am satisfied with how it works, I then have to remember each change I made, and copy and paste each tool and its contents over to the workflow that I am debugging. This is a pain because it is like I am fixing the workflow twice. A good solution to this would be allowing the user to apply changes made in debug to the workflow you are debugging, so that there is no duplication of efforts!

5 - Atom

Great idea!  Alteryx please make this happen!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I love this idea as well, +1!

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I totally need this functionality right now.

8 - Asteroid

I agree this would be super convenient.  It's easy to forget all the little changes that you make in debug