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Arrange Reporting Objects


When creating reports, whether they contain maps, tables, charts, titles, etc., there will come a point when you will need to organize the layout of these objects. In Alteryx, the way to do this is somewhat similar to the old Slide or Tile puzzles. Remember this?


You have to create rows and/or columns, and arrange the objects (tiles) in the order that you desire. The good thing is that with Alteryx you have complete control over what goes where, so you kind of get to cheat and only have to use the up and down arrows to get the objects where you want them. Now granted, it's not quite that easy as you have to consider things like spacing, page size, image size, alignment and borders, but after a bit of trial and error, you should be able to get things laid out just the way you want!


Attached is a simple workflow (created in 10.5) that arranges real-world objects, such as titles, logos, charts, etc. Take a look at the workflow and see how we have joined the objects by record position (as opposed to specific fields) and created layouts for each group of objects. This allows you to stack the groups appropriately - vertically or horizontally - and then finally put all of the pieces together at the end.


Tools used:

Report Text

Join Multiple




            Workflow - Unequal.pngLayout - Unequal.png




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Let me know how we can add different header and footer for different data (multiple tables) in a single report