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Arbitrary File Specification in Analytic App

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If your Analytic App has a File Browse option, you can limit what file types are shown to the user.  Choose the radio button “Arbitrary File Specification” and enter the file types to be shown. 


You can specify any set of file formats as options. This includes text files, spatial objects, images, etc. 




The format to add a file type is a string of text describing the file type (this can be whatever you'd like), followed by a pipe character (|) and then an asterisk and the file extension.


Comma Seperated File (.csv)|*.csv



To include multiple file types, separate each file type with a pipe. 



Comma Seperated File (.csv)|*.csv|Text File (.txt)|*.txt



To allow any file type to be specified, use *.*


How would one specify multiple file extensions for one file type?


For example, to allow the user to select an Excel Workbook, the file extension could be either .xlsx or .xls. How do we set the File Browse tool to display either of those files?


Forcing the user to select between the two would be a poor design from a user experience standpoint.