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Workflow Points of Interest

So while working through a workflow that takes up a bunch of canvas space, I find myself jumping between two points, one at the beginning and one at the end. Every time I need to jump to the other point, I have to zoom out and scroll over and down and then zoom back in. 


What if there was a tool that you could drop on the canvas as a "point of Interest" that if you select it (perhaps) on some other part of the interface, takes you right to that spot in the workflow. I know that currently you can look up tools and it will take you to the location of the tool, but it can be difficult when you are jumping around 4 or 5 different spots to remember which tool number is which.


I would use this all the time!


Just a thought

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There are some hotkeys for jumping from beginning and end of workflows (Shift+Home, Shift+End). The only other thing I found helpful is to put points of interest in containers and move them around. If you are adjusting the tool names you can search for those or you can do the full canvas view Ctrl+Alt+V and hide it in the lower corner. 



I wish they had a hotkey worked like a browser, it went back to the last selected tool, no change adjustment just the canvas view.




Yip - even something simple like creating bookmarks where ctrl-alt-1 takes you to bookmark 1; ctrl-alt-2 takes you to bookmark 2 etc.


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Bookmark a tool or spot on the canvas that you can click on a link and it will direct you to that location. Similar to a word document bookmark. Would be a nice feature for 500+ tool workflows and you could put the links in a container box at the front of the workflow. I realise there is a find tool function, however, you cannot put wording/justification across that which is what the bookmark would enable.

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Definitely need better UX functionality like bookmarks and a comprehensive review of shortcuts/hotkeys/etc.
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CTRL + 0 to instantly zoom to full extend of workflow and the Right Click and highlight to zoom into area of interest is my trick for this as I'm not a big fan of workflow overview