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Web version of Alteryx Designer


Well, the title is pretty simple : it appears that the tendancy right now is to  have web version of any software on a server.

A few notes about that :
-a lot of Alteryx competitors are already in this mode and it's hard to sell you're still with a desktop-only mode for design, even if the product is far better.
-a good idea is the one used by Qlik with Qlik Sense : they still have a desktop and a web version of Sense but the desktop works mainly as an hidden browser plus an engine. The web version is cool too because you can make your own application, or your own data connection etc..
-the main interest of a web implementation of Alteryx would be to reduce installation on client computers (and that means packaging the installer, managing the data connection, the paths, the access to macros... etc) and to have a better control of the users.

PS : this idea is soooo simple and so obvious I'm surprised I didn't find it. It may be a duplicate.

Alteryx Partner

this is mentioned coming in future releases on June already...

I guess you are not wathcing inspire videos on youtube.

I recommend you to check out especailly lead product @AshleyK, mentioned about the idea there. 

Alteryx Partner

Hello @Atabarezz 


Thanks for the information, I may have missed this one.

7 - Meteor

Are you sure? I just watched that :


There are fantastic features in Designer and Server (whoah, real changes) but I'm not sure a web version of Designer is mentioned.

Best regards,


The Hades Ferryman
Status changed to: Accepted

This idea is being updated to Accepted as this something our Product Teams are currently working on! We’ll let you know when this idea is close to being launched.

Alteryx Partner

@KylieFThanks. This is me right now :


8 - Asteroid

Any updates on this or an ETA.. We are currently using other products primarily because they have a Web UI and would love it if Alteryx was able provide that same functionality. 

8 - Asteroid

This will be a game changer! 

7 - Meteor

Good evening,

the reason of this idea arises from the fact that there are plenty of people who would benefit from Alteryx but cannot do it. In several small medium companies (the typical situation of North Italy), the decision makers about if purchasing Alteryx licenses or not, are the CEO or the CFO, usually with limited technical knowledge (hence with limited understanding of the potential benefits).


My idea is to create a light online version, exclusively for learning purpose, which can be used only with selected online files available in the community. It would be easier for professionals to get familiar with the tool exercising themselves and for them to make decision makers understand why investing in this fantastic tool.


In this way Alteryx can spread its reputation and get new potential users that will boost demand inside current companies. 


The more prepared someone is on a tool, the more likelihood it is that he can convince other people, stakeholders and companies to invest on the product.


I do hope that you can see the potential of this idea.




Alteryx Partner

Hello all. Just a little update : Tableau Prep will be available on the web in a few days (with limitations to be fair) Alteryx seems late on this point

Is it possible to have some update or some screenshots or, let's dream, an ETA on this idea?

Best regards,