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Tool Palette Navigation

Hi Everyone,


If possible I would like to see the Tool Palette Tabs automatically go onto a 2nd or even 3rd row if your screen isn't wide enough to show them all, and/or have the ability to order the Tool Palette Tabs yourself.


Most of the time I use IN/OUT, Preparation, Join & Transform... however I have set up my own Palette Tab for macros that I have made, but I find it a pain to keep scrolling left & right using the small arrow buttons KevinH_0-1593602909025.pngKevinH_1-1593602923038.png

I could reduce the number of Tabs to fit onto one screen, but whilst learning and looking for tools which maybe useful to a particular task, I have most of them already open and ready.



For example:




With the ability to have this in any order you wish, so you can place your most frequently used Tabs on the top/bottom row, with your own Tab at the beginning... if you wish.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @KevinH, I hate clicking those little arrows too, but not sure I'd like to lose canvas space for additonal tool rows...


However a couple of quick tips for you (which you might already know):


  1. You can use your mouse scroll wheel, or two figures on your track pad to scroll through the tools at lightening speed! Much quicker and less annoying that clicking that arrow!
  2. You can add macros to existing categories by typing in an existing category name (e.g. Preparation) into the Meta Info tab of the macro:
    1. joe_lipski_1-1593621926503.png


  3. You can hide the tool categories that you don't/rarely use by clicking the + icon at the end of the tool bar which will make it easier to find categories towards the end. These will still be searchable so can be used.
    1. joe_lipski_0-1593621861404.png


  4. Searching for tools is always faster
  5. You can create your own tool palette using @chris_love's handy guide:

Thank you for your feedback and thank you Joe for including some workarounds!


If Joe's workarounds cover your goal for this idea let me know and I can update the status to Implemented, if not however I recommend you check out our ideas submission guidelines which go over the idea process and at what criteria idea are pushed to our product team.