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SUM() function under the Math bucket

I like the cool new features in designer 11.x

However, to my surprise when I searched for a sum() function..... it wasn't there yet


Math bucket has common functions such as Average, Mod, Median and some very complex functions such as Hyperbolic Tangent (an average user don't need it)


But a basic mathematical logic is missing : SUMMATION


Please add SUM() as a function


agree with you on the need @r4upadhye .


@jdunkerley79 has done an incredible job of adding many of the missing functions to Alteryx  (link below).   This may not help you if you're on a locked-down corporate environment like we are, but there's some comfort in knowing that this is solvable and until this is added to the core product you can probably reverse into the capability using the work that James has done.


(thank you again @jdunkerley79)

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@r4upadhye & @SeanAdams,


Yes, @jdunkerley79 has created some great add-in functions but SUM isn't one of them.  Recently, SUM was moved from within the math functions to the TOP of the function dropdown list.  It is a basic function that is frequently used.  Alteryx moved it out of the Math group to make it easier to find (alas, not always).




Hopefully this will solve the challenge for you.




Sum as a function is part of my add in set. 


Totals ignoring nulls. 


As @MarqueeCrew is present in summarise tool if you data is row based. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I'm standing corrected again 🤓

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Thanks all for your inputs.

I realized that recently sum() was assigned to the summarize tool, but I wish it could be made available in the formula list too.

I agree. I would like to see the sum put back in the Formula tool under Math. Often times I just want to create a new column that is based on a calculation where I just summing an existing field.  I don't see how to make the new field just using the transform summarize tool. I would also like to see functions like Count and CountD in the formula tool as well.