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Reporting tools - include list as a grouping type

The reporting tools do not currently support HTML structured or unstructured lists

All vertical combination creates tables which group the lines together.    Even if you manually create this - you get an error saying that ul (or ol or il) are not supported in composer


UL is not supported.png


This creates a challenge in 2 ways:

a) When creating lists in reporting outputs - you lose the functionality of structured lists (numbering with letters; numbers etc)

b) additionally - selecting the text in tables behaves differently than selecting data that is created in lists.


Please could you add the ability to create lists in addition to tables in the reporting tools by supporting the ol; ul; and il tags?

NOTE: this could initially be done just by supporting the tags; and then later this could be a summarize option on the summarize tool; and a bullet option in the text tool.


Summarize using tablesSummarize using tablesdesired: summarise using listsdesired: summarise using listsList rendered with the list tagsList rendered with the list tags







You'll be able to organise your lists using il and li under the Report Text.


Eg: Select Report Text and click on Expert Mode, then paste the following example under the text data field. You may replace it with your own custom HTML lists as long as the code is enclosed within the htmlpassthrough tags.

<tr><td bgcolor="#c5d9f1"><font face = "calibri" size = "3" color="black"><b>List Heading</b></font>
<ol type="1">


Thank you for suggesting this @WindyST - definitely going to try this out!


Out of interest - did you find thos out through trial and error yourself or this something which you learned in a different context?   I'm always fascinated when people find magic values or undocumented ways to do things - how did they find this out?