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Read Tableau Extract Files

Right now we can create Tableau extract files (.tde), but cannot read them into Alteryx -- this limits the partnership of these two companies.
Please add the functionality to import .tde files,

Alteryx Partner
I second that idea. A lot of the work we do is with both Alteryx and Tableau, so having the ability to read a .tde is a game changer
I third that! It would a game changer!
I third that! It would a game changer!
Excellent idea - this would be so useful!
I love the idea and looking forward to seeing this in Alteryx
Alteryx Partner
Would be a great addition for so many use cases and would further strengthen the link between the two products. The idea of being able to explore and carry out advanced analytics on .tde files would excite many and provide another reason for Tableau users to introduce Alteryx in to their environment.

Currently, Tableau offers an API and resources to create TDEs, but does not support the reading of them in anything other than their products. While I agree this feature would be very useful, this ball is in Tableau's court. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

+1 @rdoptis This is something I've been regularly discussing with Tableau. Without an API there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully this will make its way up their backlog as more of you request the feature.

Alteryx Certified Partner

It's 2016 please enable this progressive idea. It could potentially mean saving thousands of hours! For instance, if you have download privileges to Tableau datasources then with Alterx one can get the data themselves, reshape/modify to ones needs and not have to wait for your collegues to come back from lunch.

This is a great idea and it's for sure something Tableau needs to address.  This Tableau Idea was posted today.  Please log in and vote it up.


Open source TDE specs