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Overwrite Table for output/write indb should work if table does not exist

As of today, for a full refresh, I can :

-create a new table

-overwrite a table. (will drop and then create the new table)

But sometimes, the workflow fails and the old table is dropped while the new one is not created. I have to modify the tool (setting "create a new table")to launch it again, which may be a complex process in companies. After that, I have to modify it again back to "overwrite".

What I want :

-create a new table-error if table already exists

-overwrite a table-error if table doesn't exist

-overwrite a table-no error if table doesn't exist (easy in sql : drop if exists...)




Alteryx Partner

NB : I will update this topic in a few days after 2019.1 test. It seems the behaviour has changed. However the idea is still correct.

Alteryx Partner

Similar issue :
Still not ok with sqlite(error when file does not exist) but ok with acces (no error when the file does not exist ). Does not make sense to me. image.png

Can we just implement my idea and say in the output but in which case Alteryx should throw an error and in which case he can create the table? And when the base is embedded, just considering that's like an excel file. So acces and sqlite should have the same option of "replace file and create no one -no error if no files).