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New Data Source: Yellowbrick

Dear all,


I'm involved in testing new data source called Yellowbrick at Zurich North America.  We are replacing Netezza with Yellowbrick as our single data source for all data marts.  Currently in our Alteryx designer version 2021.2, we do not have Yellowbrick as one of the data sources, and we had to use the "PostgreSQL" to test the connection to new Yellowbrick data source.


Could you or someone please add Yellowbrick to one of the available data sources so that it'll be easier for our Alteryx users to find that data source rather than go to that confusing "PostgreSQL"?



Andy Dryden


5 - Atom

This will be business critical to us as well.  Would be great if this data source could work.

5 - Atom

Connection to Yellowbrick is very important for us at Zurich since we need to access data marts regularly and not everyone is familiar with SQL.



Peiqing Luo

5 - Atom

Adding Yellowbrick as a connection source will be critical for Zurich to succeed with Alteryx next year.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @DrydenChicago, thank you for the suggestion! We appreciate the time our users take to provide us feedback and help us improve our product. This idea will be reviewed and commented on by Alteryx when the necessary criteria are met. Be sure to check out our other product boards and user ideas as well as our updatedSubmission Guidelines.