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Move to a specific place in select order

When you have a wide recordset - it often takes dozens of clicks to get a field from the bottom of the select order to the top - to the point where many users resort to going into the XML Editor, copying the XML; popping it into Notepad++ and then editing the XML by hand





Could we instead have an option to "Move to position" with a keyboard shotcut - for example - if I want the "Max BeaconID" column to move to position 1 in the select list, I hit ctrl-shift-M - then press 1 and this / these fields move to the top of the select list.


This should be a relatively easy win for the dev team, and a big win for the users - dozens of mouse-clicks eliminated.


Thank you

cc: @Hollingsworth 

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11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Yes to this. There are so many possibilities for interesting key combinations like this that Alteryx could and should incorporate.