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Make Version Numbers copy-able!

In every application, be it in Designer or on the Server product, please make version number easily available in Help --> About and make it copy-able so that we can quickly copy-paste it when submitting a case.


Currently, the Server product does not even have a menu item to quickly be able to see what exact version number it is on.

Status changed to: Accepted



Thank you for your idea! Our product team is currently looking into adding this ability to an upcoming release. We'll update this idea again once we get closer to the release containing the ability to copy the version number.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion!


Starting in the 2020.4 release, we have made it so the version is easily copy-able from the Help > About dialog in the Designer.


In the Server, there is a version page (Username > My Profile > Version) that provides the current server version and allows you to copy it as well.


Download the 2020.4 release at:

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