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Language Toggle Option

So far, Alteryx Products are offered in 6 different languages, which is a great thing indeed !!


However there is a lack of a toggle option to effortlessly switch the interface to a different language.


As a standard feature users should be allowed to switch language without re-installing the product (applicable to all Alteryx products)



Alteryx Certified Partner


Alteryx Partner

I would like to ask Alteryx to create an option where the user can toggle the language with out needing to unistall and reinstall. This could help a lot some users that need to demonstrate in different languages.

The Hades Ferryman
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for your post!


We're excited to say the ability to more easily change languages in Alteryx will be available in an upcoming release! We'll update this idea again once the release is available for download.

The Hades Ferryman
Status changed to: Implemented

We're excited to say the ability to toggle languages from within Alteryx has been implemented in the latest release, 2020.1, which you can download here! Also check out the release notes for this version here!