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Insert Tableau Calculated Fields into .tde

Create a tool that allows user to create calculated fields for Tableau to output along with a .tde so they are available when openning the tde.  


There are several situations where precalculated materialized data will visualize inaccurately in Tableau and calcualted fields need to be used.

  • 1:* measures - Fixed Lod expersions for selected measures
  • Count Distinct
  • Percentages and Ratios


7 - Meteor

Creating Parameter lists would also be nice...

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Ben,


Are you saying that you'd need 'something' that will make a calculated field readily available in a Tableau workbook? What would be the benefit for you versus defining them directly in Tableau?






7 - Meteor

Hi JC,

There are 2 big benefits from being able to do these calculations in Alteryx to pass into a workbook:

1. Automation : Develop Analytic Apps that build datasets for Tableau from data with different schemas

2. Efficiency: There are often many different calculations that need to be made, having tools that can create them en-mass 

7 - Meteor

I bet Alteryx could also design a nice UX for building pre-configured Table Cals directly into Tableau workbooks. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback. We'll look at getting this into a future release.




9 - Comet




Long-time Tableau user here who has studied Tableau's file formats... As of April 2020 (and time prior) calculated fields like LOD expressions & aggregations are not stored in TDE nor Hyper extracts, they are separately stored in the Tableau data source .tds file (or in the .twb workbook). So as worded this feature request is inaccurate, instead of writing calcs into the .tde or .hyper Alteryx would need to be writing out the .tde or .hyper (for the data) plus the .tds or .twb (for the added calculations).