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Event triggers

There would be great usefulness in having event triggers in 2 different places:


- Similar to Informatica - it would be useful to have event triggers for workflow - specifically "trigger when file arrives" or "trigger when value exceeds X"

- It would be also useful to have an event trigger component with an input so that we can use semaphore type flags to control sequencing in complex sets of flows.    For example:

    - When the ETL is done - mark the "Completed" flag as true

    - The reporting job is running, waiting for a completed flag to complete


Overall, it would be useful for Alteryx to have event-driven triggers.


I second this request.

Happen to looking for Alteryx capabilities expressed by SeanAdams  


I would love to see this as well.  I have built a macro that does the job, but a native tool would be nicer.  Check out the macro here: