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Dragging in Tools from Tabs

Hi - I miss the functionality in 9.5 of being able to set a default tool in a tab and then drag in tools from the tab. This seems to be gone in 10. Is there any possibility of it coming back?

Many thanks - Nathalie


I agree - I have been meaning to write a post on this exact topic! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Our hope is that the customizable Tool Palette makes up for the loss of this functionality, and we aren't currently planning to bring it back.


The ability to drag tools directly from the tabs was often confusing to new users (Wait, are those tabs or are they tools?). At the same time, some experienced users didn't even know that the functionality existed. My own personal experience was that initially, I missed it because I was used to it, but after about a week, it no longer bothered me.


Nevertheless, we are always interested in re-evaluating the user interface to provide the best user experience possible. We would be especially interested in hearing from folks after they have used 10.0 for a couple of months. We would want to know if it was still a pain point for you, or if it was just something you were used to doing. I would add that if we did restore this functionality, it would probably be a user setting that was "off" by default.