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Default Anchor View

Dear GUI Gurus,


A minor, but time saving GUI enhancement would be appreciated.  When adding a tool to the canvas, the current behavior is to make visible the tool anchor that was last used on prior tools.  That being said, when I look at the results window, I might be adding a "vanilla" configuration tool to the canvas and stare at a BLANK results window.  When users are adding tools to the canvas, I suggest that the best practice is to VIEW the incoming data before configuring the tool.


I ALWAYS set the results to view the INCOMING DATA ANCHOR.


This minor change would be welcome to me.






Very curious about this one @MarqueeCrew - are you able to give more detail on this or possibly a worked example?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Here is more narrative and pictures:




I start out with a Text Input tool and of course the default for anchor view is output.  I then add a SELECT tool (for the purpose of resizing the data) and check the output anchor after I run the workflow.




Now the output anchor is activated and I can see the data after configuration of my tool.  Next I want to Filter the data.  I could be using a formula or other tool as well.  But when I drop the next tool onto the canvas it holds the OUTPUT anchor as what is displayed.  I would prefer to see the input anchor whenever I drop a new tool onto the canvas.




When I configure tools, I like to view the input data.  I always look at the input data when configuring a new tool.  OK, not always but whenever a formula or expression is needed.






Makes sense Mark - especially as the platform moves to being more capable at configuring tools using the results window to do live data prep.