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Default Gallery View with Multiple Files


Hi all,


Long time shameless borrower of community support, first time poster.


I have an analytic app in our private gallery that produces two output files. Our server setting lists these files in a drop-down selection after the workflow runs, but we have users that are missing the selection and not realizing there's a second file available for download. Is there a way to make the "list view" the default view on the server, so that all output files are listed in the browser window without having to make a drop-down selection?


Note: For fastest workflow run times, we're keeping these as separate files instead of one file with multiple tabs. 

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Unfortunately, no way to have the result page display in list view. This is something that's coded in the web scripting and can't be influenced by your workflow.


If you, or your Alteryx server admin, is brave enough to sort through the Gallery files you may be able to alter the coding, but you do at your own risk! :)


Another, more harmless, option to consider is update the output files to add a hint that there's two files available, i.e. FILE_1_of_2.xlsx and FILE_2 of 2.xlsx.


Lastly, because this is more of a UI/Design topic, I'd recommend submitting this in the Alteryx Product Ideas, because I often change the view of what's published to the list view also and would be a nice option to be able to keep it that way!


Hope this helps,




Thanks for the suggestion, @jrgo. I like the file x of y approach. Simple, but effective. I also posted the idea in the product section.





Hi Jason,


As I encountered the same issue with the gallery, I wanted to vote on your product idea. However, I did not find it. Could you provide a link? (In case it is not yet resolved).


Many thanks,