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Alteryx Designer Ideas

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Copy with Connections on Designer Canvas

Alteryx currently allows a user to copy a particular tool that's in-use.

However - if you want to make 5 copies of the tool, all of which have the same inbound connections as the original (to split the flow), this is not currently possible.


Please could you add the ability to "Copy with inbound Connections" which duplicates the tool and also connects it to the same inbound connections?


CC: @rijuthav @jithinmony @HengHe @RajK @ydmuley @revathi @Deeksha @MPistone @Ari_Fuller @Arianna_Fuller @JoshKushner @samnelson @avinashbonu @Sunder_Sriram @Rahul_Thakur @Rahul_Singh


Or say if you have a map report tool with 20 connections -- YES.  Would be very helpful!

I agree, it would be great to copy a tool with the connections intact. I can't figure out how to star the above post, however. Thanks Sean!