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Conditional Split Tool

There's often a need to do a cascade of filters which would normally be handled in a programming language by a Case or a Switch statement.

For example:

- if it's a cat then go left, otherwise go right 

      - if it's a dog then go left otherwise carry on right

             if it's a fish then go left otherwise carry on right

                   otherwise do xxxx


This could be handled more elegantly by a conditional split tool that allowed you to specify multiple conditions like a case statement, and which then generated multiple output nodes; with the last one for any leftovers.




Hey @Hollingsworth ;

I think the difference between this idea and Mark's programmatic Detour is that this is more like a filter but it allows multiple different outbound legs (not just true/ false but rather like a filter tool that could have a red/green/blue output - like a case statement / switch statement).


Do you have situations like this where you are trying to split out 4 groups in a population:

- Red

- Green

- Blue

- Everything else

... and end up doing this by a waterfall of filter tools?    That would be the case for this tool.


Thanks for the clarification


I do have that use case all the time. I just figured that it would be impossible for a tool to have a dynamic number of output nodes, so it didn't occur to me.