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Change the the interface's font type or size of Alteryx Desktop 2018.4


Alteryx Desktop 2018.4 has a new interface which looks nice, but the labels and texts of its interface is difficult to read (as seen in the below screenshot).

It's seem that the interface's font type or size is not appropriate!

(Knowing that we didn't have any problem with the previous versions of Alteryx Desktop 11.7, 2018.2, & 2018.3)


So, I suggest to change the interface's font type or size of Alteryx Desktop 2018.4 as it was in the previous versions or to another font which is easy to read,

or at least having an option that allow the user to adjust the interface's font type and size.


My solution now is to downgrade to version 2018.3 where I have no problem at all regarding the interface's font.



alteryx 2018.4 interface.png


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A few days ago I upgraded to 2019.1 from 2018.3, so I didn't see the 2018.4 font style.  I was shocked at the mixture of fonts used across the UI.  There's seemingly no consistency, and its appearance is not "easy on the eyes".  The "taller/compressed" (Arial Narrow?) for the "label" of options, with a different font face/style used for the "selections" is an odd design choice.  If there was a compelling advantage to changing fonts (e.g., grab just a tiny bit more real estate), then ok.  But, why allow the user to select a font / style under "User Settings > Canvas > Annotation Settings" and not for other aspects of the UI?  Just saying ...