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Cached Data

Bring back the Cache checkbox for Input tools. It's cool that we can cache individual tools in 2018.4. 


The catch is that for every cache point I have to run the entire workflow. With large workflows that can take a considerable amount of time and hinders development. Because I have to run the workflow over and over just to cache all my data.


Add the cache checkbox back for input tools to make the software more user friendly.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

I have good news. In the 2019.1 release you will see the ability to select multiple tools and cache multiple tools at once. 


Deciding when to release features is tricky business sometimes. We want to release the feature as soon as you'll find some value in it, but sometimes that means it's not as awesome as we want it to be. That was the case with caching. We thought caching was valuable, so we released it (and this meant we had to remove the Input Data cache option). We also knew that it would be even more awesome with the ability to cache multiple tools at once. The good news is that we are adding that functionality in 2019.1. I hope you enjoy it! 


Rachel - will we be able to cache inputs as we did in the past. This helps when building workflows or one that error on input data to not rerun all inputs that pass good data.


The key is not to manually have to select cache options each time we open the workflow on workflows frequently used.


Please bring back the cache checkbox for input tools or even better add cache checkbox for all tools.


@Tim_Lang You won't see the check box added back to the Input Data tool in the 19.1 release. 


Will you tell me a little more about how you'd use that checkbox in Input Data differently than you'd use the cache functionality?


Rachel - The main difference is the ability to save cache for when the workflow is opened in the future. I typically build a workflow and then build on it day after day adding additional functionality. Since the workflow takes a few minutes to run the 1X time, I prefer all non-live data be cached to allow faster run times during development.


The new functionality works well for adhoc and when a single input but not so well when a workflow has parallel processes within it.


If we could add back the check box feature or even better enhance it with adding cache checkboxes to other tools as well it would be a big time save.


I submitted the idea as a request. It's posted under:

Cache Checkbox - Allow selection of cache with a checkbox embedded


@Tim_Lang Thanks so much for the clarification. That really helps me understand why you are making this request. I will consider enabling the cache to be saved for future use as an improvement to caching.