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Allow "optional incoming connections" to actually be optional for batch macros

I decided to get real fancy when building a standard macro the other day. I checked the box on my macro input that made the connection optional:Capture2.PNG




It worked really well. My macro then became more complex, so I changed it to a batch macro. To my great surpise/astonishment/shock, the optional incoming connection is no longer optional:



The standard macro is working as expected on the left, but the batch macro is producing an error because my optional connection is requiring that something be connected to it.



I've been told that the code to make it optional is not there for batch macros and that this would be a product feature/improvement.


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Fast forward 2 years, seems to be the same for an iterative macro.


This macro works just fine with all inputs hooked up, however errors when an input is made optional without an incoming connection.