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Allow Cache to be written to local drive and persist after Alteryx closes

I like the new cache option in 2018.3, but I would like a user setting added that would allow me to 1) write the cache files to a local drive and 2) have them persist when I re-open Alteryx. Currently, the files are written to the user defaulted temp space and don't persist when Alteryx is closed down. Thanks!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

This would also be useful for the input tool whose cache behavior has changed with 2018.3. The checkbox to cache an input tool would persist pre 2018.3. Now the cache option isn't saved with the workflow.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Fully agree @patrick_digan - this would allow a much faster restart of development when you pick up the canvas again.


We'd just need to make sure that there's a warning or some kind of process so that caching is automatically turned off before deployment to gallery

14 - Magnetar

Just for the record on the old caching functionality - when executed on the Gallery or run via the alteryxenginecmd.exe, the workflow would ignore the cache option/configuration and would not write it during these executions, so you could leave these boxes marked without any issue or concern.

In my opinion, any addition of caching configuration should follow the same rule.

8 - Asteroid

+1 please add this feature. It will help us a lot in a big workflow.

5 - Atom

Agreed.  Please please bring back the cache feature within the configuration pane section when using the input tool.  The new cache feature is not optimal when you are connecting to multiple database table sources:(.

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Caching is a powerful feature available in Alteryx. But feel that it should have more to it - enabling save option is great to start with !

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

This idea is not approved in the short-term, but will be revisited in the future.