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Advance search capabilities in the Drop Down Tool

Hi there,


My idea comes when I've built an application, where user select filter from drop-down list. However it contains thousands of records, so it takes lot's of time to find desired record.

In Excel and MS Access when you use filter you can put many letter and filter shows rows that match the input. In Alteryx user can only put first letter, which is huge drawback to my users.


This is how it works in Excel:



Hope you like it!

5 - Atom

Great idea!

Alteryx Certified Partner

That would be a great idea yes!

Status changed to: Under Review

That you for your idea! Our product team is looking into this idea to see if we can apply it to the current road map. We'll update the status of this idea again once our product team has confirmed when or if they can add it to our current road map.