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Add browse tools to multiple selected tools simultaneously

This is a low priority one, but I constantly find myself wanting to do this and it seems to be both an easy fix and something which should exist anyway.

I have ten input tools, I want to be able to highlight all, right click and select "add all browses" or something similar. 

That's it. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing deeply insightful, just something that would brighten up my day and maybe save a bit of time.





I don't know of a way to Right click and accomplish this, but the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+B should do what you're looking for.  Does that help?

Alteryx Certified Partner

@Claje you are a wonderful human being. If you were here I would shower you with all kinds of inappropriate signs of gratitude.


I owe you a beer.


However, this functionality needs to be added to the right click menu, methinks.