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Add a Credentials/Environment Variables Manager

The "Manage Data Connections" tool is fantastic to save credentials alongside the connection without having to worry when you save the workflow that you've embedded a password. 


Imagine if - there were a similar utility to handle credentials/environment variables. 


  • I could create an entry, give it a description, a username, and an encrypted password stored in my options, then refer to that for configurations/values throughout my workflows. 
    • Tableau credentials in the publish to tableau macro
    • Sharepoint Credentials in the sharepoint list connector
  • When my password changes I only have to change it in one place
  • If I handoff the workflow to another user I don't have to worry about scanning the xml to make sure I'm not passing them my password
  • When a user opens my workflow that doesn't have a corresponding entry in their credentials manager they would be prompted using my description to add it.
  • Entries could be exported and shared as well (with passwords scrubbed)

Example Entry Tableau:

Alias Tableau Prod
Description Tableau Production Server
UserID JPhillips
Password *********

Then when configuring a tool you could put in something like [Tableau Prod].[Password] and it would read in the value.


Or maybe for Sharepoint:


Alias TeamSP
Description Team sharepoint location
UserID JPhillips
Password *********


Or perhaps for a team file location:

Alias TeamFiles
Description Root directory for team files
Path \\\myteam\filesgohere


Any of these values could be referenced in tool configurations, formulas, macro inputs by specifying the Alias and field.

1-3-2019 12-43-52 PM.png

5 - Atom

Especially with the Salesforce connector it is a must to be able to update the salesforce credentials once for all workflows that use the same credentials. A simple free tool XL Connector has solved this perfectly (and the paid version also eliminates the 2000 row limit for query results!)

6 - Meteoroid

Hello, could we have an update on the progress of the implementation? This would be excellent to have. Given the last official update was in 2019 and indicated a hopeful completion in 2020, it seems appropriate to provide an update. Thank you!

12 - Quasar

@Josh_WI  This is basically the DCM, I guess ;)


Yes, exactly, we have implemented the Data Connection Manager (DCM) and it is available in the newer version of Designer Desktop, We hope it solves most of the issues mentioned. Of course, we continue to improve it, so any use cases and suggestions are welcome.


12 - Quasar

@bora_perusic  Hello. Sadly the ideas status are not up to date (not only this one.. ), leading to this confusion.

Best regards,



@simonaubert_bd you are right, sorry. Notified the moderator.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented
7 - Meteor

So the DCM solves this problem.  Thank you.